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Best Wishes And Quotes

Special events are those which we celebrate in public. These events called public events. For example wedding, engagement, welcome or farewell parties, etc. we these events celebrate by wishes to the people. We wish them on their special occasion. These days are memorable days for us. We give them our good wishes, prayers, and gifts, etc.

Best Wishes for Engagements:

An engagement is a commitment to a future relationship. It is a beautiful starting for a couple as finance. The commitment to take care of each other for a lifetime. They committed to each other for future married. They exchange rings with each other. This is the symbol of the future relationship. Also a symbol of love and commitment.

It is a time period between marriage proposal and marriage. It is a beautiful moment for a couple. They surely deserve congratulations. They deserve blessings and lots of warm wishes for engagement. They get wishes from their friends, well-wishers, and family.

Here we listed such kind of engagement wishes and messages which will be a great way to send engagement greetings. You can also post the engagement wishes on Social Media to bless the couple. These engagement wishes, texts, and quotations are incredible to inform your dearest ones that how much they important to you.Best Wishes for Wedding:

A wedding is a relationship between a couple. It is a commitment for a lifetime. Both Bride and Groom collect a lot of wishes from their Friends, Family, Relatives, and well-wishers. Usually, people don’t understand how to wish the couple. Most people choose new and old words to wish the married couple. They mostly choose some time general and sometimes old fashion words. which is don’t feel good all the time. So that is why! Here we list some best wedding wishes, wedding congratulations messages, and quotations which are very appropriate. Read these wishes to get the unique and right ideas for a married couple. Get appropriate ideas for appealing the massages, wishes, and quotations for a married couple on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp, etc.

Best Wishes for Anniversary:

The anniversary is one of the most special days of one’s life. It might be an engagement, wedding, love, work or any other special event anniversary. It is a day that celebrated heavenly to create a bond with love ones. You can congrats them by sending them unique messages, quotations, and wishes, etc. This site helps u to find appropriate and most trendy wishes for your love ones and your colleague and so on. Here we list some best anniversary wishes for you.


Greetings are very polite words that we use in our conversation. Usually, we use “Hello”, “Blessings”, “Prosperity”, “Pleasures”, “It’s nice to meet you.”, and many more. We use it as greetings to complete our conventional phrases. It is a way to throw a good impression on others by using polite words while starting a conversation. Here is a list of some greeting words that give u an idea of greetings with others.

Best Wishes for Success

We need on each and every turn of life some motivations, wishes, and prayers. We need these for success and to achieve our goals. When we decide to do something somewhat or something best. Then if we get care from our nearest ones it will be easier to grow on top. Even when our loving someone going to take challenges whatever it is the exam, interview, new business, moving on a new home or anything we should appreciate them by motivational wishes for success and best success messages. Here are some wishes for success.

Graduation Wishes

We need on each and every turn of life some motivations, wishes, and prayers. We need these for success and to achieve our goals. When we decide to do something somewhat or something best. Then if we get care from our nearest ones it will be easier to grow on top.

Even when our loving someone going to take challenges whatever it is the exam, interview, new business, moving on a new home or anything we should appreciate them by motivational wishes for success and best success messages. Here are some wishes for success.

New Baby Wishes:

Having the baby is the most precious thing that can happen to a family. The rush of joy comes to life with a baby. It never decreases but grows with time. It is very important to welcome a baby with warm hugs and wishes to this world because they are valuable and the future maker of the universe. If you think that your floras, balloons, or any other gifts falling down to convey what you want to tell the baby. The lucky parents then our greetings are here. These are to release you from writing the exact words on your newborn baby cards.

Bridal Shower Wishes:

Marriage is a journey that a girl begins with a broad smile on her face. Encourage her and wish her well for her married life. We can wish her by sending bridal shower wishes messages that we have listed below. We have some bridal shower messages that we listed. It can be sent by a friend, parents, sibling, colleague or well-wisher. We have to list funny bridal shower messages. The bride will have a wonderful laugh reading them. When anyone close sends these messages to her. You can send inspiring and religious messages to motivate the bride’s confidence. You can also send your blessings to start her married life happily!

JOB Wishes

It is very tough and hard to get a job. It is harder than pulling an elephant through a small hole nowadays. On every occasion someone near to your heart enters the job market, it would absolutely make you joyful. It could be your little sister who gets the first job of her life or your best friend. It also could be your favorite colleague who bagged down his dream job elsewhere. You are happy for your dear ones and family member for landing on a new job. But you cannot have enough words to express your feelings? Then you are in the right place to be here. Here we have collected a number of ‘congratulations’ wishes on getting new jobs. These wishes you can use to congratulate your colleagues, your friends or your dear ones.

Farewell Wishes:

The moment of leaving a college or university after the end of academic life is full of mixed emotions for a student. It’s a time when one feels happy for finally becoming a graduate but at the same time feels sad for all the dear faces he or she has to leave behind. Farewell messages for students who catch all these mixed emotions in words. These help you, lets you express your wishes and thoughts. These are the flawless goodbye wishes for students that can quickly melt their heart. Here are some sentimental farewell messages for students that encouraging words for students. Inspiring farewell messages for students. Like these will let you appreciate their willpower, obligation and hard work in a quite graceful way.

Rainy day wishes 

The rainy season is full of delight and romance.  Everyone enjoys the rainy day either he is a child or an adult. The rainy days bring freshness in daily routine. Everything looks new and fresh after rain, especially trees and flowers. The bursts of happiness sanctify everything on earth and infuse a new dose of happiness in life. Wish you a wonderful morning with beautiful rains and a cup of coffee. Enjoy life. Relish the small things in life like sitting together during a family on a rainy morning. Bring out old memories and luxuriate in the conversation.

Welcome wishes

Welcome Messages are significant to tell somebody how pleased you are to see them joining you at your home or a workplace. It’s hard to find Perfect welcome messages, that’s why we compile a group of perfect messages which you can use to express your intentions to others. We compile messages for a new guest, employee, friends, and family at any event. Build your first impression good with cheerful and positive words.

Get well soon wishes

When any of our relatives or friend is ill or recovering from the disease than it’s a natural reaction to pay our regards in the form of getting well soon wishes. We don’t want to see our loved ones in pain. So we visit them with flowers to pay for our good wills. If we are not close to someone then we pay our regard in the form of WhatsApp messages or by calling them. Our kind words or wishes can make someone feel good. So pay your regards in a nice style. Inspirational and kind words may boost the recovery of a patient.

Thank you wishes

Thanking is the best way to pay your regard to your friends, family, and colleagues. Sometimes it’s hard to find appropriate words to thank your friends or family. It’s nice to thank your friends when they give you a present or a surprise. It’s also essential for us to pay our regards to our parents and siblings in a nice way. Thank you messages are a good way to send your thoughts to your loved ones.

 Sorry wishes

We all made some mistakes unconsciously in our life which can hurt someone. Choose your words wisely. But we are humans and we can’t be perfect. If we made any mistake which may hurt then we must apologize for that. Apology can’t correct our mistake but it may feel others realize that we are ashamed of what we did. Sometime we can’t find appropriate words for an apology. So we compile some sorry wishes to help you to express your feeling.

Motivational wishes

Life is not a perfect story. We all hit by some events which made us sad. Sometimes we lose heart and disappointed by the situation. In this situation, some mentally weak person becomes a patient. Motivational wishes and words are great healers. They can bring back a man to their life. They can give a new life to a disappointed person. We should always hold hands with our friends in their difficult times and support them morally. We have accomplished some motivational wishes and images for you to make your day good.

Miss you wishes

We all have sweet memories of the past which we can never forget. Most of the memories are concerned with the people who are very close to our hearts. We miss our school friends, a college friend, and university friends. We miss our childhood friends with whom we used to play in our childhood. We miss our parents when we are away from home. And parents miss their children when they are not at home. Miss your messages are the way to convey your feelings to your beloved ones. Miss your friend’s wishes may realize your friends that it’s a long time they never catch up. It’s good to express your feeling with some nice words.

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