How to Celebrate Eid During Covid | Eid Celebration Ideas

Ramadan is the Holy month for Muslims. Muslims from all over the world celebrate Ramadan nowadays. This month of blessings is near to end.  Just as Muslims are sad about the departure of this month, they are also happy about the arrival of next month. Because on the first day of the coming month Shawwal, Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr. On this occasion, go to the mosque for Eid prayer, visits to friends and family, visits to parks, restaurants, and other public places are normal.

Eid Mubarak

But the serious problem that the people around the world facing now a day has engulfed the whole world. With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe and strict stay-at-home orders being issued by our Government. No one denying that this year’s celebrations will be a little bit dull than normal situations. But that doesn’t mean the pandemic will hinder celebrating our festival spirit.

We are here to help you in making your day with unique ideas on how to spend your Eid-ul-Fitr in lockdown.  This post is all about your concern.


On the last night of Ramadan, it is also an ancient tradition to climb on the roof of the house for moon sighting. After seeing the moon, greet all friends, family of the moon night.

chaand raat mubarak

Send flowers on Eid

Flowers ever since the beginning of time have been a key to communication. This mode is now evolved into a tradition. On various occasions, this is used to share the love, and feelings for loved ones. Today, it helps us to make our Eid in covid condition.

Decor your home

It’s the Eid festival, let’s home should be decorated accordingly. Decorate your home with wall hangings, banners, new color sheets, candles, and accent your walls with pretty lights and other accessories.

eid lights

Send Eid gifts

Eid celebrations across the globe vary a great deal. All over the world, is the concept of gift-giving, in any way, shape, or form. This will be done by pairing a gift with a chocolate box and bouquet of flowers.

Help the poor and needy

Charity is one of the important pillars of Islam. Around the world, many people do it to practice social welfare and support the needy ones in this pandemic year. Many peoples are affected by the crisis caused by covid. You can help those poor and needy with money and enjoy Eid with inner satisfaction.

help poor

Get Glamorous

When you allowed to remaining indoors even at the festival. It’s another activity to dress up, trimmed and styled your hair, done with makeup, and polish your nails to get glamorous and break your lockdown routine.

Host a party

Host a decorative party at home. Invite your close friends. Create a menu of your favorite homemade nutrition and immune-boosting meals, and then cook a variety of foods and ensure a healthy diet.

Have A Photoshoot

It’s another interesting activity of this day. Create photo booths in an area in your home with a beautiful backdrop and entertainment your friends and family by capturing stunning photographs.

eid photoshoot

Watch Eid transmissions/ movies at home

A highly celebrated festival like Eid is an ideal time to hang out. But don’t be sad to imprisoned at home. Set up projector screen, tune your favorite channel/ movie, get snacks & pizza, get your drink and chill up your day.

Spend time with your loved ones

The busiest life that we lead today keeps us away from our forefathers. On the special day of Eid-ul-Fitr, spend time with them and enjoy a glimpse into a world we’d never lived in.


Game Night

Invite your friends and cousins over for a fun game night. Select your favorite indoor game and cheer up your night.

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