Love Quotes And Wishes 2021

Best Love Quotes And Wishes

“I am able to describe true love, and you are the only reason.”

“You are the sole reason of my bundles of happiness, the main purpose of my world, and you complete my heart.”

“Wherever I am, I am blessed with your warmth. You are my soul.”

“Your love stay in my heart as the sunshine stays upon the earth.”

“My love, my sweetheart, my life, you’re the one that I need, the one that I adore, let me be with you forever, my buddy, my soul.”

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“I might not be your first love, hug or friend…but I want to be your last every time.”

 “Loving you makes my every morning worth waking up for.”

 “Your laugh is my favorite vibe.”

“You’re that piece of me I’ll always crave for.”

 “I fall in love with the way you touch me without your hands.”

“Before you entered into my life, I never felt what true love is.”

“I love to receive texts from you that brings me smile no matter how many times I have seen them.”

 “My heart will always be yours.”

“I want to lay down on ground with you and listen to the beats of your heart.”

“When I express to you that I love you, I do it not out of habit, but I do to make you realize that you are my life.”

 “The shine of my day doesn`t depend on the sunshine. It depends on your smile.”

 “I will let you appear in my dreams every night, if you will let me to be in yours.”

“I love you, and I can clearly say how it feels like.”

“Some people explore their whole lives to receive what I get from you.”

 “I am very insecure and always have difficulty selecting my favorite thing. But, without a second thought, you are my favorite thing.”

“I don’t like to shut  my eyes, I don’t need to sleep, because I’d miss you  and I don’t like to miss someone.”

“I don’t require paradise because I met you. I don’t need luxuries because I already get you.”

“I just love u and cannot stop thinking about you, not even today, tomorrow like always.”

“You are my rainbow after the rain .”

 “The best thing is when you look at your love…and he is already looking.”

“I am so grateful, my sweetheart, for always trying to make me feel like the most precious woman in the universe.”

 “If I had to select between living and loving you I would take my last breath by telling you how much I love you.” 

“Anything I required to feel blessed was love. I found you, and now I want nothing else.”

“Thank God someone rejected me and I found you and loved you.”

“I would like to feel your breath on me than have all the air in the world.”

“I love the sunsets because it’s a reminder that I was blessed with another day to spend with the love of my life.”

“It was not into my heart you entered, but into my soul. It was not my body you touched, but my heart.”

“It does not matter where I am, I always know my route towards you. You are my direction.” 

“Sometimes I get jealous of my heart because you always remain in my heart and away from me.”

“Watching you for a single minute and I can find a thousand reasons that I adore about you.”

“Loved you in past, love you in present, will love you in future.”

“A day without you is worthless.” 

“Whatever our hearts are made of, ours are the same” 

“The day I saw myself smiling without no reason, I realized I was in love with you and thinking of you.”

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“Ignorance is to love as water is to fire; it extinguishes the small and large the great.”

“It doesn’t make a difference where I am. I’m all yours.”

“The bad thing about being away is you never know if they’ll think of you or forget you.”

“I am so grateful of  how you make me feel even when I’m not around.”

‘’I knew that you were amazing, and so I adore you. Then I knew that you were never fake and I loved you even more.’’

“I’d love to see you each day of the year than someone else once a year”

“Your ignorance has not taught me how to be alone; it has just shown me that when together we appears to be one.” 

“I miss you far more than the space between us.”

“This is the agony that you are miles away and I cannot reach you now.”

“Wherever you are I want to be there.”

“Love is missing loved ones when you’re away, but anyways feeling loved inside because you’re close through heart.” 

“One life together is just never enough to love you.”

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“I realized I was imagining you, and I started wondering how long you’d been in my life. Then it came to me that you were beside me since the day one.”

“Promise me you’ll never leave me because if it ever happened, I will be devastated.” 

“I adore you as the entire universe helped me have you.”

“My feelings will not end. You must let me tell you how much I adore and love you.” 

“Then I knew what it is. It is you. Everything about you makes me feel like I am about to fly high. Or turn into ice. Or burst into lava.” 

“I don’t love to relax at nights. Seconds with you are much more important than nights of dreams.”

“I would happily spend my life with you, than counter all the times of this world without you.” 

“Everywhere I sit relaxed, I am reminded of your care. You are my comfort.”

“Each love story is special, but ours is unique.” 

“To love is great. To be loved is precious. But to love and be loved, that’s something worthy.” 

“Your love brightens  my heart as the sun brightens the earth.”

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“Every day I fall in love with your existence. Well, not these days because you are getting so annoying.”

“You took me so high, and make me feel emotions I have never felt before.”

“My love you are my colours, all the ones that I use in my every painting, the ones I use to colour my heart too.”

“Whenever I’m with you, I become you. I feel you only otherwise I get numb.”

“You are my most precious human on earth.”

“You broke my heart, but I’ll continue loving you.”

“When I call your name, my heart skips a beat.”

“Not only the butterflies, I feel the complete zoo when you are with me.”

“I realized I am in love with you as my present is clearly better than my past.” 

“You may catch my eyes for a while, but you carry my heart always.”

“There is always some madness in love. But there is always few reasons in lunacy.”

“Love is a friendship that last till last breath.” 

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“I need you like a guitar needs wire.” 

“Your love is all I want to be complete.”

“Love aims to live happy even if you are on fire.”

“Love is a great leader. It supports us to do what we think we never can.” 

“You are my love and the only thing that I would never want to lose. I love you more than anything else.”

“The most essential thing in life is to know how to share love, and to receive it.” 

 “I’ll never regret loving you. Whatever happens, my heart is always with you!”

“Every day  I love you so much, today greater than yesterday and lesser than tomorrow.” 

 “This is to show how grateful I am to spent life with you, for every warm hug, for every moment and for every emotion for one another.”

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