National Events Of Pakistan in 2021

National Events

Our country came into existence on the 14th of August 1947. We got this separate homeland after continuous efforts. The Muslims had to follow the rules imposed by the British in the past.  The history of Pakistan is full of events. These events inspire us to enjoy freedom as much possible.

We respect the sacrifices of our ancestors for this life of freedom. They faced many terrible situations. They remained focused on the idea of getting a separate homeland. We obtained Pakistan in the name of Islam. It was the basic need of the time to have a separate homeland. A land where we can praise Almighty Allah for everything. We can offer our prayers with freedom & live without any fear of killing by the oppressors.

We celebrate these days to show our love for our country. These national events of Pakistan prompt us of the struggles of our ancestors. These events arouse in our hearts the love and passion for our country. We acknowledge these events for the sake of our national heroes.

We gained this separate homeland after so many sacrifices & should remember the salient days of the country. national event of Pakistan The point to celebrate these events is to advance jingoism. They are a way to applaud our heroes for their assistance to the nation. Some events are celebrated to honor people. The people who lost their lives defending the liberty of the country.

It is our duty and obligation. Giving respect to the culture of our nation means giving respect to the Nation & many people gave up their life for this nation.  We should give them honor by taking care of this homeland. Respecting these events is believed to be a part of respect for the nation. The respect we show towards our Country, its people, culture, and society.

We should respect those who fought for this homeland. Those who became martyred for this homeland. It is up to us to decide whether we will honor the nation or not. The national flag, the name of our country must get respect. To not respect our own country means to forget the sacrifices of our ancestors. This way, we will become impaired citizens.

We should respect our nation not by force but by will & need to show our respect because it is our homeland. It is a place where our families reside. It represents the state that provided us with fundamental rights. Nation gives us protection from external and internal threats.

Kashmir Day – 5 February

Pakistan is an Islamic nation. There are diverse temporal holidays celebrated in Pakistan. We celebrate Kashmir Day on 5 February every year. It shows federation to people of Indian regulated Kashmir. Kashmir day one of the most famous national events of pakistan.

kashmir flag

On this day, different seminars and rallies are held all over Pakistan. This is to pay tribute to Kashmir’s for sacrificing their lives. For all, they did for the freedom movement.

.The president of Pakistan announced a nationwide strike on 5th February 1975. This holiday was first observed in 1990 in Pakistan. It is held to support Kashmir’s in their freedom movement. It is to ensure Pakistan’s support for them in every critical moment.

Pakistan Resolution Day – 23 March 

Republic Day is known as Pakistan Day. It is a National holiday in Pakistan. This day solemnizes the Resolution passed on 23 March 1940 in Lahore. On this day, the first constitution of Pakistan was adopted.

pakistan defence day

The main celebration is a parade at Avenue in Islamabad.  A ceremony is arranged to give military and civilian awards. The awards are given to recognize recipients’ achievements. The recipients’ alms to Pakistan.

National songs and debate competitions are held on Pakistan day. Most people spend time with their families and loved ones.  Pakistan Day specials are telecast on radio and TV. Special prayers are proposed for peace and prosperity.

Pakistan Minaret is famous as Minar-e-Pakistan. It is a tower in Iqbal Park Lahore. It was built to adulate the Lahore Resolution. The minaret is present where the Lahore Resolution was held. Pakistan Resolution Day one of the important national events of Pakistan people celebrate every year.

Independence Day – 14 August 

 Pakistan materialized on the 14th of August 1947. This day is celebrated as Independence Day. By celebrating this day, we show our gratitude.

independence day of pakistan

We appreciate those who grappled for it bravely. On this day, Pakistan was proclaimed as a separate independent state.

The Independence Day ceremony is held in Islamabad every year. The national flag is hoisted at the Presidential and Parliaments. It is accompanied by the national anthem. A live telecast of speeches by the leaders is seen. Usual gaiety for festive includes flag-raising and parades.

The show on culture and patriotic songs are performed. Pakistanis hoist the national flag at top of their homes. They display it on their vehicles and attire.

Defence Day – 6 September

Defense Day is famous as a National event of Pakistan. It is celebrated on the 6th of September.

This day is celebrated in memory of the soldiers. They sacrificed their lives in defending their borders. 6th September is one of the proudest moments for Pakistan.

happy defence day


This nation was built on the basic elements of love, brotherhood, and kinship. It is a day of wisdom, love sacrifice, nobility, and honor. The history of this day leaves your heart to cry.

national defence day

Iqbal Day – 9 November 

Iqbal Day is celebrated on the 9th of November. Our national poet and philosopher was born on this day. His full name is Allama Muhammad Iqbal. He was famous for his motivating poetry. He gave the idea to get a separate homeland for Muslims.

Iqbal inspired the youth to work hard. Our poet wrote both in Persian and Urdu. Allama is regarded as the poet-philosopher of the East. He addressed the Muslim nation with poetry.

happy iqbal day


He believed in the philosophy of Wahdatul Wujood. Iqbal propounded the philosophy of selfhood or self-awareness. The unearthing of the hidden talent with love and tenacity.

Iqbal thought that there lay the stages of complete accession and vagueness. It is the ultimate stage of Khudi. Iqbal entered into a figurative dialogue with the seraphic.

Quaid Day – 25 December

Quaid Day is celebrated National holiday on 25 December . In 1876, a great leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah was. Mithibai gave birth to Quaid. flimsy infant who emerged weak weighed few pounds less than normal. He was Quaid. He was born in  Wazir Mansion.

quaid e azam day


It has been rebuilt and made a national monument and museum.  founder of nation was born within walls. quaid was a great leader. He worked hard to get a separate homeland. quaid never gave up on the idea of Iqbal. He was the first governor of Pakistan.

Cultural Day

Cultural Day is an amazing national event of Pakistan way to learn about different countries, traditions, cultures, dress, cultural heritage and, their local food. The Cultural day aimed at providing us with an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the value of cultural diversity and to learn how to live together in harmony. On this day, we will display numerous stalls portraying the culture of the various ethnic groups, highlighting their customs, traditions, and food. Each group presents their culture very extremely.


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