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The international event is not much different in terms of the presence of people from out of the country. But in terms of the point of view event itself. Global events are those that held on the same day all over the world. They celebrated in different ways, but the purpose of commemorating is similar across the globe.

Mother’s day

Mother’s day is a celebration to give honor to the mother of the family. It also shows the influence of mothers in society. It celebrated on various days in different parts of the world. And mostly it is celebrated in March or May. But it celebrated explicitly on 8th March as an international event.

Mother’s Day 2021

Being a Mother is an all-time job that comes with no vocations.

Both in history and literature, we can find many instances where mother’s love is not comparable. And it is the purest love found in the world. Mother’s day is the best opportunity to thank your mother for all care and respect. It is not just a celebration; it has a significant meaning which adores the basis of all motherhood.

We have to wish a wonderful mother’s day to all women in our lives who take care of us. It does not matter it is your sister, stepmother, or in-laws as well—no need to worry if you are unable to write for your mother’s fantastic wishes.

happy mom day

Father’s day

Father’s day celebrated all over them to give tribute to the fathers for their sacrifices. It also exhibits that father and father figures make the lives of their children. The day celebrates fathers and male parenting. However, it feasted on several days in all over the world. In many countries, it marked on the third Sunday in June.

father day

On Father day, many people make an exclusive try for their father’s. Some people go to see and spend time with them. While others give flowers or cards to their father’s, some people buy some gifts for them, such as clothes, supporting equipment, and food items. Comparatively, father’s day is a modern holiday.

And different families spent it differently. It can range from a phone call or greeting to a large party for all father’s figures in the family. Father figures may include fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, fathers in law, great grandfathers, and all other male relatives.

happy father day


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Sister’s day

Sister’s day celebrated on the first Sunday of August, annually. It also is known as a fun holiday in which sisters can admit the love and friendship between them. It celebrates the special relationship found between them or their sisters. It is a holiday that initially organized to reveal the relationship between biological sisters over the years. It is interesting to know that in Nepal and India, similar days known as Raksha Bandhan celebrated in august as well.

happy sister day

There is no specific way for you to celebrate your sister’s day, except for showing your love for your sisters. Some people choose some time to spend with their sisters. Some organize an outing or fun party.

sister day events

You may arrange a dinner of your favorite foods, going out to see a movie that recalls memories, a walk through your old memorable backgrounds. Or you may even make a cup of coffee to remember early days or for reconnection. All are feasible ways to spend sisters’ day.


The important thing is to spend your valuable time with your sister’s, enjoy yourselves, and recoverer the bond from childhood if any of it drifted thin.

Children’s day

child day

Children’s day is the special day of the year for a child, and it dedicated to all kids. Children’s day was first accepted in 1954 as an international children’s day and celebrated on 20th November on an annual basis. It organizes to promote awareness among children, togetherness, and improving children’s welfare.

happy children day

To make a day special for your kid, you may attend the events organized by different malls, parks, and stores for kids of all ages. You may plan a picnic at parks with juice, sandwiches, cakes and other child stuff.

There is a right combination between Disney parties and children, and it is a good idea to arrange costumes and decoration themes like Disney characters or movies. Camping is another way to make fun of your kids. And take some snacks, marshmallows to roast by the bonfire.

Women’s day

Another international event is women’s day. Women’s day in the world celebrated on 8th March. It is essential for the movement for women’s rights. It is a dedication to honor the achievements of women all over history. It dedicates its contribution to the economic, social, cultural, and political platforms.

happy women day

Purple is a color that represents women internationally. In the past, the combination of green, purple, and white to represent women’s equality arises from women’s social and political union in the UK in 1908. Purple signs for justice and dignity. Green signifies hope. White symbolizes purity but now not use for purity due to controversial issues.

Teacher’s day

World teacher’s day or international teacher’s day s a global day that organized on 5th October on an annual basis since 1994. It celebrates the anniversary of the assumption of the 1966 ILO/UNESCO Recommendation about the status of teachers.

teacher day

On that day, teachers or teachers, organizations are making significant contributions to the development and education of our future years. While teaching is a noble profession and also a challenging one. It seems that teachers are facing the most stringent time ever.

teacher day events

Student’s day

Student’s day held on 17th November annually for the international observance of the student community. It is a day celebrated to check the education availability and access to all students. On that day, students show a lot of eagerness to participate in the held events.

happy student day

Many universities on that day observe the opportunity to show diversity and particularism. Some universities arrange several games on the international student’s day to hearten youth engagement.

Labour’s day

Labour’s day or workers day in the world celebrated on an annual basis to tribute achievements of workers. It is originated from the labor union movement, especially the eight hour day movement, which commends eight hours for work.

labour day

Labors day celebrated on 1st May. Many people came out to hear speeches and attend parades. In a nation of people, they are those that get fewer vocations than other western countries and work more. They much needed one last summer party. Labour day is not a day in which people celebrated and honored the workers, but it is the way to give a much-needed respite to the working people, who are equally important.

happy labor day

Environment day

World environment day celebrated on 5th June every year. It organized for encouraging awareness and action to save our environment. Environment day observed in various ways in countries like new Zealand, Poland, Kenya, the united states, and Spain. They organize activities such as parades and street rely as well as tree planting, concerts and cleaning campaigns upon.

enviroment day

In many countries, this event used to take political attention and action towards improving the environment. The color that symbolizes this event is mostly natural colors that depicting nature. These colors include soft shades of green, brown, and blue.

world environment day

Valentine’s Day Wishes & Quotes

Valentine’s day, also known as Feast of Saint Valentine or Saint Valentine’s A day celebrated on 14th February on an annual basis. In all our world, candy, flowers, and other gifts exchange between loved ones. It is the time when people show their feeling of love, affection, and friendship for their beloved ones.

happy valentines day

It is celebrated in various ways worldwide. The red color and pink, roses, heart, a statue of cupids, and images are the symbol of romance and love on valentine’s day. There are different ways of expressing your love for others. And a bouquet of roses is the best way to express your feelings. No gift says, “I love you” as a bouquet of red roses says.

Valentine’s day not only a way to celebrate a romance but also the best way to show friends how much you value or love them. Giving chocolate as a present is also the best way to express or show your feeling. You may make a valentine’s card at home instead of buying it, which is a great way to show your affection. You may spend quality time with your loved ones, and it is the easiest way to involve them in your day. Valentine’s day is the best time to propose to your dream girl and ask her to marry you.

Christmas day

Christmas or feast of the nativity is an annual festival honor the birth of Jesus Christ and celebrates on 25th December. It is a religious and cultural celebration between billions of people all over the world.

Christmas the celebration includes spending time with the family, shopping, inside and out, and decorating the entire house. That all done for friends and relatives. Mostly on the day of Christmas, people spend time with their families.

happy christmas On that day, all members of the family spend time with each other in baking cookies, making fudge, and preparing a grand dinner. The kids show their affection for each other and spend the whole day playing games. They also share their new gifts and toys that Santa Claus brought for them.

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