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Birthday Celebration Ideas at Home/Outdoor

Birthday Celebration Ideas for Adults

birthday party plans

Birthday is the most awaited day. If you are looking for best birthday celebration ideas for you, for adults or kids, this post is all about your concern. Enjoy following birthday party plans or activities:

  • Throw A Massive Picnic

Give your birthday gathering a little something special with a picnic theme. You are lucky to have a bunch of your favorite people. Go to the park ask everyone to pack their own snacks and lunch. Keep a portable music system to enjoy your picnic.

  • Take A Trip

Travelling can be the best surprise you can give to yourself. The experiences and the memories you gain from your travels will stay with you forever. You should approach your favorite place to trip with your loved ones.

trip ideas on birthday

  • Singing Night

A bit of music on the birthday takes another dimension in the birthday anniversary. Set up a dance floor, hire a DJ, and let your teenagers and friends dance in disco clothing.  For live performances, also give your friends a chance to sing in their heads.

  • Create A Destination Celebration

Destination celebrations involve a lot of logistics. Such as picking a favorite travel experience as a tour to Turkey, playing Turkish music, eating Turkish food at your home, and rememorizing your stunning days.

  • Camping Trip

Take your celebration outdoors by a camping trip to your favorite place. It is the time when you want to get away and experience nature. Don’t forget to keep your tools such as a tent and delicious snacks and enjoy your birthday.

camping trip on birthday

  • Take A Long Drive

I love long drives but there is no substitute for them on my birthday. you don’t need to make plans too far in advance for this drive. Just jump in your car and drive long as you can, see where the road takes you.

  • Volunteer

Some people want inner satisfaction. A duty of care, without wanting any reward. Sometimes people provide services because someone’s action could affect other people deeply.

  • Watch An Outdoor Movie

Luckily if you have friends who like to hang out, it is the best idea for your teen birthday. Set up projector screen, get snacks & pizza, get your drink and start your movie.

  • Shopping Spree

In a short period of time in which someone buys a lot of things is not more than an adventure. Ask your friends to join you on your birthday for a shopping spree to gain some wanted but a lot of unwanted stuff.

  • Take A Road Trip

A road trip is one of the best ways to uplift your birthday. People who love traveling mostly prefer road trips on their special days to make it extra special and enjoy the fullest.

road trip on birthday

  • Plan A Ski Trip

You can make a good choice to plan a ski trip on your birthday. Some other tours can never compete with the fun and adventure of ski trips. It requires a little bit more planning and trip packing.

These birthday party ideas can be super fun for an individual. It excites someone for the next chapter in their life. Make every year a milestone year with these unique birthday ideas.

  • Go On A Scavenger Hunt

Plan your route, scout out your location, prepare numbered envelopes with clues and play this game in a group of friends.

  • Host A Dinner Party

Host a fancy dinner party at home. Invite your close friends. Create a menu of your favorite homemade meals, and then cook a variety of foods. Let’s start your party for your big day

  • Roller Skating Party

Roller skating is the perfect activity for a health-conscious person. It is good for physical fitness. Go with your friend and rememorize your old days.

  • Throw A Costume Party

custume party on birthday

Picking out a fancy-dress theme with your friend and rocking up to the party in the same style. This fancy dress is of super Mario, crayons costume, circus performers costume, superman, minions, traffic cones costume and many more.

Birthday celebration ideas for girlfriend or wife

Birthday celebration ideas for girlfriend

  • Self-Care Day

It’s all about you how make your day. Sit relax in the open air and unwind your troubles. And prepare your mind for the next coming year.

  • Spa Day

Soothe away your cares with a spa day. Treat yourself with facials, at-home mani/pedis with watching a movie with friends.

spa day on daughter's birthday

  • Have A Craft Night

Grab the glue guns, rhinestones, craft paper, and scissors. Have a craft night with your best friends and make homemade origami, paintings, on your clothing and accessories.

  • Get Glamorous

On your big day, you want to look your best. Go to the salon to get a glamorous look. Trimmed and styled your hair, done with makeup, and polish your look by getting your nails done.

  • Have A Photoshoot

Someone likes to capture every single moment of their life. Your birthday provides you with a good chance to have a professional photoshoot. Get ready and your favorite album is also ready.

  • Visit favorite destination

You can take your teen to his favorite destination as a surprise. You can take him out for a random grocery shopping and end up surprising him by reaching his favorite destination.

Visit to a beautiful place

  • Gift shopping

Gifts are the best part of the birthday. You can make your teen’s birthday special by letting him choose his own birthday gift. You can take him to his favorite toy store or mall where he/ she can choose the gift of his own choice. 

Gift shopping idea at birthday

Birthday celebration ideas for husband or boyfriend to break the noise

  • Go To The Club

Celebrate your big day being legal by hitting the floor of the club with your friends and dancing the night away to your favorite music.

  • Game Night

Invite your friends over for a fun game night. It’s all about your birthday party. You can play your teen’s favorite games on this night.

  • Photo Booth Party

Photo booths are always an entertainment option for you and your friends. So, make an area with a beautiful backdrop and leave a DSLR nearby for capturing stunning photographs in front of your DIY booth.

  • Set Off Fireworks

Give a beautiful display to your birthday party firework provide to be a glint in your occasion. Nothing can be more specular than a firework on a birthday venue.

  • Get A Tattoo

The perfect birthday gift idea is to get a tattoo. A birthday tattoo and a friendship tattoo is unique idea ever.

tattoo on birthday

  • Recall memories

Collect all the previous snaps and make a living documentary of all the golden moments. Recalling the moments shared together will bring back joy and increase the fun of your birthday.

birthday party activities

  • Online gift shopping

Online gift shopping will excite him not only for his birthday but will keep him excited for the gift until the day It will reach him. It will be fun too.

Online gift shopping on birthday

  • Outdoor dine setup

Food is an essential part of any celebration. To serve yummy food on a birthday to your husband or boyfriend is the best idea. Outdoor dining setup will add fun to it.

  • Car rides

Car rides are the best idea to spend best birthday. Boys have a different kind of affiliation with their cars. It’s like their babies to them.

Car rides on birthday

  • Disco theme Party

A disco theme party with loud music and disco lights will make your boy happy. Moreover, it will give him the experience of the life he will be living after 2 years.

Disco theme Party at birthday

Birthday Celebration ideas for kids to make their birthday special

  • Costume party

Throwing a costume party will be the best idea. Everybody enjoying their favorite character costume will spread happiness all around. Party will be more exciting then. Moreover, your kids will get to have wonderful pictures for a lifetime.

Costume party idea at birthday

  • Animations

You can arrange a bid screen animated movie or self-made animation to give your kid a video message or greeting. It will make them special.

Animations movie at birthday

  • Swimming Party

When your kid’s birthday comes in a hectic schedule, the wonderful thing is to let your kids join their friends in swimming pools. It brings them peace of mind.

Swimming Party idea for son on birthday

  • Organize Sports day

If the friends of your kids are more of a team player, have a sports party. Ask your kids to go to a park to play games. Whether they want to play basketball, ultimate Frisbee, or volleyball, they’ll be sure to have a great time with their friends.

sports day party on son's birthday

  • Host a Barbecue

Go casual with cold drinks and host a barbecue while your best pals. Spend your day with kids in the backyard, the farmhouse, the beach, and your favorite park. Do not forget plenty of pillows for a comfy setup.

Barbecue on birthday

Simple Birthday Celebration Ideas at Home

  • Simple Birthday Party At Home

If you want to chill with friends and family, you can plan a simple birthday party at home. Celebrate your day with dinner.

birthday party ideas

  • Join A Cooking class

If you love to cook, take a cooking class for your birthday. Your friends feel funny to eat your taste. It’s really unique to make your own birthday cake, pizza, snacks, and other foods.

cooking class on birthday

  • Home decor

You can decorate the home with balloons, ribbons, lighting, pop-ups, and pictures. You can arrange a small gathering party to make it simple yet more exciting.

Birthday Celebration Ideas

  • Dinner with all favorite items

Setting a dinner table with all the favorite food items of you will excite you a lot. It will make you and your stomach happy.

Dinner with all favourite items at birthday

  • Friends and family Video Calls

To video call the friends and family and receive best wishes and prayers from them will be a good idea. You can also ask them to make a birthday special video or message for him that will make your teens day.

Friends and family Video Calls at birthday

Birthday outdoor celebration ideas

  • Beach or Lake Party

If your birthday is in the summer months, organize a lake or beach party. Hit the water by walking so long on the beach with your loved one. You can also eat seafood, cook up a fresh catch for your celebratory dinner. Light a bonfire and play music at night under the stars.

birthday party near lake

  • Hiking

Spending your birthday hiking or going outdoors if you love hanging out. Let’s time to celebrate your big day with a few close friends.

hiking on birthday

  • Go To An Amusement Park

Experience thrills and chills by going to an amusement park. Don’t forget to take some fun snaps along the way.

birthday celebration in amusement park

  • Movie night

Watching a movie together with a full-on cinema vibe is super exciting. The outdoor lighting, big screen, soft bedding, and yummy snacks make the night beautiful.

Movie night party

  • Plan a one-day picnic

A birthday special picnic arranged for your birthday will definitely make his/her day. You can enjoy your picnic with homemade yummy food, snacks, drinks, and cakes. You can also add camp and balloons to make your picnic more amazing.

Plan a one day picnic at birthday

List of birthday celebration themes

A theme for your party can be a great way to bring your celebration to life.

birthday celebration themes

  • Arabian night’s theme
  • Black and white ball theme
  • Tissue paper ribbon theme
  • Bollywood theme
  • Fresh flower theme
  • Burlesque theme
  • Circus & funfair theme
  • Classy themes
  • Funky disco theme
  • Fire & ice theme
  • Forest theme
  • Fun themes
  • heaven theme
  • Pink party theme
  • Night sky theme

Birthday Celebration FAQs:

How can I celebrate my birthday at home?

Send an invitation to your friends for your birthday. Gathers all the needed party decorations. Put whole things together, with the help of family and friends celebrate your birthday.

What can I do for my birthday with no money?

No matter if you have no money. There are many other ways such as joke night, dance party, board game, fun in a park, movie night, and many more are the ideas to make your day special.

What to do for your birthday when you have no friends?

As a friendless person, I have no idea what to do on my birthday. It’s going to be a bore if my family did not surprise me with delicious food and a trip to my favorite place.

What to buy a boy for his birthday?

Necktie set, bow tie, chocolate gift, leather wallet and belt, perfume kit, t-shirt, custom hat, and many more are the ideas of gifts for his special day.

What should I get my daughter for her birthday?

Sterling birthstone cuff, teddy bear, photo mug, pearl and diamond necklace, jewelry, makeup kit, gold bracelet are all awesome gifts for a daughter.


I hope you enjoyed reading these birthday celebration ideas, pick the best one you like and celebrate with full joy. Do not forget to set goals and make plans to achieve your dreams in upcoming year. We hope for a good and happy life for you with best wishes. Enjoy a happy and successful life.

If you know different birthday party activities or birthday plan ideas, share with us in comment section below. THANKS for reading and visiting Wishmenia.

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